The delicacies under 5000VND in Hoi An


The delicacies under the 5000 VND in Hoi An – Grilled meat, pig skin cakes, sweet soups … the food is cheap but delicious that you can enjoy in the old town.

Hoi An attractive by the yellow walls of ancient houses, small streets peaceful, gentle people, lovely and delicious, cheap. Here are some suggestions dishes priced below 5,000 dong in Hoi.

Meat skewer

Grilled meat quiche dish of many people, especially when the weather is chilly. So you can find this item anywhere on the strip of land shaped like the letter S and Hoi An is no exception. Here, the meat skewers are peddling, focusing primarily Hoai river and some roads along the neck as Ba Trieu Street, Hai Ba Trung …

Materials for this dish is pork marinated in spices like five spice powder, salt and pepper, sugar, lemongrass, chilli, onion, garlic, meat skewer … here is the cake and eat some raw vegetables such as cucumber, basil, lettuce … the sauce is also noteworthy.

Skewers of meat sauce made from soy sauce, crushed peanuts and chili. When you have guests, vendors will sprinkle some sesame sauce to bowl looks prettier. The sweetness of rich, not the steak dry, aromatic and refreshing bit of salad with spicy sauce impression that diners enjoy. That’s why many tourists after enjoying felt aromatic cravings. Price skewers is a 5000 contract.

Meat skewer via Du lich Kinh Do 

The small cakes

These cute little bakery is peddling little strange for visitors. There, you can find many different types of bread for only 2,000 VND per the pig skin as bread, mango cake, green bean cake …

Pig skin cakes are cakes made from flour, rice flour, coconut milk and green beans. However, in the old town’s not just selling cakes. This is the cake with many different colors are attractive heart-shaped, leaves or small rectangular pieces. Cake flavored soft, chewy attractive strangers.

Mango cake is called a cake shaped mango titles, composed of glutinous flour, peanuts and sugar. Steamed glutinous flour after, crushed peanuts and sweet will cover in the same way inside. Finally, to prevent sticking, bread is coated with a sticky white powder outside. Among the sidewalk cakes sweet mango cake more.

Green bean cake is a well-known product in Union City. Stay with materials commonly found as green beans, diameter and lard cakes but this brings diners feel quite strange. Special cakes are also many types of people as salty, sweet. When eaten, the smooth part of the human sweet dough, mashed together in quite attractive.

You can find this bakery along Tran Phu, Le Loi, along the Huaihe River Bridge and near the temple.

Black bean sweet soup via JAMJA

Types of Sweet

Sweet soup is a dish was pretty much sold on street corners and in particular in Hoi An Market. A bowl of sweet soup here is only 5,000VND. Even if you choose the type of mixed prices also have not changed.

Depending on your taste, but you should choose the favorite taste. If you like sweets, you can choose the black sesame, black beans, corn sweet soup… The sweet soups are eaten with coconut milk.

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