Must-try dishes in Quang Binh


Quang Binh is famous not only for beautiful beaches and magnificent caves but also for special cuisine in here. Quang Binh has no difficulty to find good places to eat as there are plenty of restaurants to visit for satisfying taste of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, as well as international favourites. As expected, majority of the restaurants in the province are located in Dong Hoi city.

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What to eat in Quang Binh

Soup Porridge (Cháo Canh)

Chao Canh is one of the most special foods of Quang Binh. The dish is the most favourite breakfast of the locals.

The ingredients are quite familiar including snakehead fish, shrimps and pork. When serving guests, porridge soup is sprinkled onions, cilantro and sliced fragrant. It is served with shredded green cabbage. In spite of the simple ingredients, the flavour is truly amazing.

Shrimp and pork clear dumplings (bánh bột lọc)

Loc cake comes from Hue, Dong Ha and then spreads to Quang Binh. In Quang Binh, it is added new flavors and become a special dish of this province. This cake is covered in banana leaves. Its stuffing is shrimps and braised pork. Using with chili sauce will bring a stunning flavour in your mouth. The ingredients are very simple included: cassava powder, river shrimps, wood ear mushrooms and some spices only from the local garden which is why its flavour is different from others. Everyone coming to Phong Nha wants to try and buy the cake as a gift.


Only with a small coal stove, guests can quickly enjoy seafood such as fish, shrimp, oysters, clams, snails … in two ways, depending on the baking and steaming requirements.

Oyster soup

The province is well-known for various dishes made from oysters. Fresh oysters caught from Nhat Le river are processed into different dishes such as fried oysters clamped in rice papers, oyster sour soup, etc. It would be incomplete when visiting Phong Nha without enjoying oyster soup.

Banh bot loc via Em8

Where to eat

This following list is some famous restaurants in Quang Binh you can consider in you trip:

Anh Dao Restaurant

  • Address: Sector 4 – Hai Dinh Ward – Dong Hoi City
  • Phone: (052) 3822 234
  • Descriptive characteristics: The cuisine – Asian specialties

Ba Hien Restaurant

  • Address: No. 52 – French School – Haicheng – TP. Dong Hoi
  • Phone: (052) 3827 473 Fax: (052) 3842 540
  • Descriptive characteristics: Marine Specialties

Chu Tuyet Restaurant

  • Address: Sector 3 – Hai Dinh – TP. Dong Hoi
  • Phone: (052) 3829 489

Com Nieu Phuong Minh City Restaurant

  • Address: 141 Ly Thuong Kiet Street – TP. Dong Hoi
  • Phone: (052) 3829 039
  • Descriptive characteristics: Com Nieu and specialties

Duc Duyen Restaurant

  • Address: Bath Quang Phu Bai – TP. Dong Hoi
  • Phone: (052) 3810 042
  • Descriptive characteristics: Features fresh seafood

Hai Yen Restaurant

  • Address: Bath Quang Phu Bai – TP. Dong Hoi
  • Phone: (052) 3810 011
  • Descriptive characteristics: Features fresh seafood
Oyster soup via Bao suc khoe dơi song

Hien Vy Restaurant

  • Address: 5 Pham Tuan Nguyen – Dong Hoi City
  • Phone: (052) 3821 266
  • Descriptive characteristics: Specialty porridge oysters, eels.

Do not forget to enjoy fresh seafood dishes such as lobsters, big crabs, shells at the restaurants located on the famous Nhat Le river. However, the cost you must pay will be higher than others

Bien Dong Floating Restaurant

  • Address: Truong Phap , Dong Hoi
  • Phone : 098 319 5083/090 519 5082
  • Features : Fresh seafood

Hai Duong Floating Restaurant

  • Address: Truong Phap , Dong Hoi
  • Phone : 090 584 3295/0164 585 1716
  • Features : Fresh seafood

Hai Dang Floating Restaurant

  • Address: Truong Phap , Dong Hoi |
  • Phone : 093 545 7485
  • Features : Fresh seafood 

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