Chicken feet dishes in Hanoi


Chicken feet are processed with many spices and enjoyed in different ways which can satisfyany diner’s taste. The dishes have become more popular in Hanoi.

>>Ga ham thuoc Bac (Stewed Sweet Herbal Chicken Soup)

Grilled chicken feet

Grilled chicken feet have long been popular with the young generation and students in Hanoi.  Every afternoon, at Nguyen Thai Hoc street or Ly Van Phuc street, an appealing fragrance of grilled chicken feet will attract you to stop in any street shop and enjoy.

Ly Van Phuc is known as “the street of grilled dishes”. Only going through this street, you can smell an attractive smelling that you cannot resist. It is also a popular address in Hanoi to enjoy the chicken feet dish. The chicken feet in here are marinated skillfully with salt, sugar, chili and honey, and then grilled in hot coals. The sauce for this dish is sweet and sour with the featured flavor of chili.

Grilled chicken feet via Youtube

Roasted chicken feet with salt

The roasted chicken feet with salt is a new dish but is quite popular with Hanoi diners. The new dish has appeared in restaurants, diners and sidewalk drinking restaurants in Hanoi.

The price for this dish is quite cheap, not expensive. Each chicken foot is very big and covered a thin layer of white salt outside the yellow shell so it looks very attractive. The diners will feel the crispy and greasy chicken as well as the featured flavor of salt. It is so amazing. The sauce is also a highlight of this dish, very attractive.

Steamed chicken feet with chili and lemongrass

Steamed chicken feet with chili and lemongrass is a new dish in this summer in the Ta Hien area, Luong Ngoc Quyen street. On hot summer days, young people usually gather in this area to enjoy famous dishes.

This is an “addicted” dish and the eatery on Luong Ngoc Quyen street is loved by many young people and is shared among them. The gently sweet and sour taste of the sauce and the good smelling of chili and lemongrass make the dish very attractive.

The eye-catching yellow chicken feet coverd outside with lemongrass and chili make all the diners cannot resist. You still can feel the fresh and naturally sweet taste of this dish though the chicken feet are marinated carefully.

Steamed chicken feet with chili and lemongrass via Youtube

Pickled chicken feet

Pickled chicken feet is a very delicious dish, easy to eat. After the pre-processing and cleaning steps, boiled chicken feet are placed in a glass jar, and then cooled boiled water mixed with sugar, vinegar, salt, garlic, chili, pepper, is added. The feet are ready to eat after about two days.

Duc Long eatery has opended a long time ago. The chicken feet here are so big and crispy, a little sour, salty and spicy, especially with the featured smelling of lemongrass. Almost all of customers coming to this eatery will order this dish.

In addition, it also serves fried chicken feet with salt or fish sauce. A plate of chicken feet in here costs 50,000-55,000VND.

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