6 must-try dishes in Sapa

Sapa is a mountain town with lots of ethnic people living, therefore, the local foods there are very unique. If you had a chance to go to Sapa, don’t forget to try out these delicous foods.

Grilled skewers

These colorful skewers with their irresistable smell are the first thing to remember about Sapa. It seems like every ingredients can be threaded onto skewers to grill, from vegetables, corn, potatoes to egg, meat, fish or bird…
The grilled skewers in Sapa have a special taste, completely different comparing to the others because they are marinated and grilled with wild vegetables and condiments that only ethnic people own. Come to Ham Rong street if you want to try these delicous skewers!

Sapa Salmon

Sapa salmon is not only delicous but also has high nutritional value, it is the specialty of Sapa that you cannot miss. Sapa salmon’s quality is said to be as good as imported salmon, it can be served as different types such as : salad, hot pot, porridge, grilled salmon, steamed salmon eggs,…
Sapa slamon via Sapa tours from Hanoi

Pigs Steal Armpits

Sapa is also famous for its pigs steal armpit, especially the roasted meat served with dipping sauce made with ‘nhoi’ leaf, ‘doi’ seed, salt and green chilli. Enjot the pigs steal armopit with some ethnic alcohol will make you fall in love with it at once.

Chayote and Chayote Leaves

Stir-fried chayote leaves with garlics and boiled chayote with carrot are also 2 dishes that attract many tourists.

‘Comlam’ Bamboo-tube Rice

Comlam‘ is also a specialty of Vietnamese northwest ethnic people, the main ingredient is sticky rice that is cooked on a bamboo-tube. After the rice is cooked, you just need to break the burnt bamboo-tube to eat it. Many tourists choose ‘comlam’ as their favorite food because of the impressive taste of sticky rice, water from the stream and the bamboo’s soft smell.

Sapa Black Chicken

Sapa black chicken via SBS

Black chickens are a specialty of H’mong people, they have black skin, black meat and black bones. Tourists’ trip to Sapa can’t be complete without trying black chicken.

Black chickens are free ranging in Sapa, in the comparison with other kinds of chicken, especially turkey, a black chicken is so small, just about 1.2kg and looks strange with a super black feathers. Honey used as the main ingredient of this dish is forest honey that local people have to go deep inside forests to take which is not only sweet but also especially fragrant.
In some restaurant in the town of Sapa, travellers can choose the black chicken they want to eat and then the cook will quickly clean and cut it into small pieces to marinate. Soaking the chicken in honey might sound easy but it is actually a really sophisticated step which requires both experience and meticulousness of the cook. If you add not enough honey, the dish will be bland and lack of the unique aroma of forest honey but if too much honey is added, grilled black chicken will be burned and tastes very bitter. After being grilled, Sapa black chicken will be served with mint leaves and a dipping sauce of salt, lime and chili. Any traveller come to Sapa without enjoying special grilled honey black chicken is absolutely a pity.

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