Bai Khem beach in Phu Quoc


Bai Khem Beach is a beautiful beach. Bai Khem Beach is arc-shaped with long white and smooth sand emerging a lush green jungle and immense sea. Tourists coming here will have a chance to enjoy wonderful moments by relaxing and exploring.

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The Nature has bestowed the southwestern sea area a great island, Phu Quoc. Many people have praised Phu Quoc as an ideal tourist destination in Vietnam. It has rivers, streams, mountains, primeval forests, beautiful beaches and landscapes, which are bearing the stamp of cultural history. The nature here possesses a morphological diversity. Almost natural area has not been exploited. Thus, tourists come here not only to visit and relax, but also to explore interesting things which are no longer exist in other islands. There will nothing more exciting as we creep into the primeval forest or walk along wonderful beaches as Bai Sao Beach and Bai Truong Beach, especially Khem Beach to immersed in the nature and have a chance to communicate with friendly, sincere, rustic and hospitable fishermen.

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Bai Khem Beach is about 5km from An Thoi Town, and 25km from the town of Duong Dong. This is an ideal place for tourists from the mainland. Bai Khem Beach is also known as Khem Beach. All coastal areas, forests, cliffs here are pristine. Sand here is always white and smooth with clear blue seawater and azure sky all year round. Featuring an arc-shaped beach, Bai Khem Beach is also a unique beach with rocks jutting up on the sand, and turquoise water. Khem Beach attracts tourists with wild beauty and no noise like the other beaches in Phu Quoc. Though Bai Khem Beach is not as big as Sao Beach or Long beach, it is easy to grasp and captivate tourists by its serene and discreet space and romantic scenery. Contemplating from high above, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the poetic panoramic view of a tranquil fishing village in this beach thoroughly from boats to fishermen. The life of fishermen here creates a cheerful atmosphere, which appeals tourists to explore the beauty idyllic life.


Not only as a tourist paradise, is this “Pearl Island” also endowed marvelous beaches as Khem Beach with a wonderful coastline, both poetic and abundant with shrimp, fish, and especially herrings. The Phu Quoc beach, hereby known as Bai Kem Beach (Kem means cream), is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc Island. In the past, tourists coming to Phu Quoc little knew about Khem Beach. Previously, Bai Khem Beach is under the management of the Vietnamese army. It used to be the Navy’s amphibious terrain as it is discreet, quiet and far from residential area. It is suitable for large-scale military exercises. Because of this reason, Bai Khem Beach has not been named on Phu Quoc tourism map. Now, it is returned to the local people. This beach is still pristine with a beautiful location and velvety white sandy beaches. It is gradually attracting tourists. Although this beach is not large or monumental like Sao Beach or Long Beach, Khem Beach is glamorous and captivates tourists by its quiet, discreet and poetic landscapes and seascapes.

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Currently, in Khem Beach, restaurants, cafes, bars, especially restaurants with hammocks mushroom with clean and tidy services, fresh seafood cuisine, and interesting eating spots. Coming to Khem Beach, visitors can get in boats to buy fresh fish, shrimp, oysters, or snails, which have been recently caught up, and then carry them to restaurant to process on-spot. Herring salad is the most impressive cuisine in Bai Khem Beach. If visitors have the opportunity to travel Phu Quoc, do not forget to enjoy themselves in Bai Khem Beach and taste herring salads. Besides, when coming to this beach, visitors will have opportunities to pop in famous attractions in Phu Quoc such as Fair Well and Phu Quoc Prison.

As Bai Khem Beach is one of famous Phu Quoc attractions, tourism services in this beach are various. Hotels and resorts in Phu Quoc are equipped with modern amenities and high quality. There are both luxury and budget hotels and resorts near this beach, such as My Lan Guesthouse, Phu So Hanoi Resort, etc.

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